Why Should I Start Writing Here?

It's been a while since I've written anything publicly.

Writing is certainly helpful. For a long time, I've been jotting things down in bits and pieces in note-taking software. That hardly qualifies as writing. I wanted to ask more of myself.

Noticed that a lot of people are using all sorts of knowledge management software. However, the most important thing for me is to keep recording and thinking. Meanwhile, the simpler it is, the easier it is to stick with it.

Writing publicly forces me to sort out my content better and try to think more deeply. The sense of accomplishment that comes from writing quality content is a good positive incentive for me.

The Listed and Standard Notes are simple enough to fit my principles.

So by writing this, I have answered the title of this article.

Finally, a brief list of my writing principles.

  • Keep it simple, stupid
  • No need to wait for it to be perfect before publishing

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